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Industrial Hydraulic Scissors

If you are in need of some heavy duty cutting you will need some very specialized tools for the job. Hydraulic shears and industrial strength hydraulic scissors allow you to cut through thick pieces of sheet metal and metal piping. Hydraulic shears can come in many different shapes and sizes. The biggest can be fitted as an extra attachment to a backhoe and be used to cut through entire buildings and metal structures if need be. There are also many different types of smaller hand held models that allow users to cut through the toughest material. On the construction site they are an essential tool to fitting metal piping just right, or clipping pieces of extra long re-bar. At Smith, we provide a wide variety of hydraulic scissors and shears that can, and are used for a variety of purposes. Below is a selection of some of our hydraulic cutting tools now for sale.

Hydraulic Scissors for Sale

LSI 400E

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This extremely lightweight cutter is designed for high frequency and accurate cutting. The tool is totally operated by hand and is specially designed for ease of use.


  • Extra long service life
  • Regrindable blades
  • Long lasting control valve
  • 75,000 lbs of cutting force

Recommended applications

  • Recycling of cars and cables
  • Cutting work in a production line

LSI 500E

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This is a rugged and heavy duty metal cutter designed for the toughest jobs while remaining a high frequency cutter. The tool is hand held and easy to use.


  • 125,000 lbs of cutting force
  • Long lasting service life
  • Regindable blades
  • twice the cutting force of most tools

Recommended Applications

  • Heavy cutting work in a production line
  • Recycling scrap metal, cars and machines

TC 55F42 DE Cutting Tool

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This table mounted cutting tool is made to take on the toughest cutting jobs you can throw at it. It is specifically designed to shear wire and metal rope without a moments notice.


Cutting force 38,500 lbs
Pressure 10,000 psi
Dimensions 26x9x9 inches
Voltage 245
Unit Weight 25 lbs

Recommended Applications

  • Cutting wire rope

Deition RD Hydraulic Shears

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Oil Pressure 300 bar
Crushing Power 150 tons
Rotation working pressure 85 bar
Rated for excavator weight 20-30 tons

Our Hydraulic Shears and industrial strength hydraulic scissors that we offer for sale have been specially designed for a wide variety of tasks. These tasks include demolition, scrapping, recycling, construction and many more. The bottom line is that all the machines we offer are rough and ready for extremely rugged use. All the tools seen above have been reinforced in order to give them longer operating lives and have all been designed for high frequency use. Whether you need to cut some steel cable or tear apart an automobile, we've got the tools that you need to get the job done.

Care and Maintenance of Hydraulic Shears

While all of the hydraulic scissors we sell have been constructed of the highest quality materials and are extra reinforced for long term use, they still need to be maintained on a regular basis. One of the most important things you can do for hydraulic scissor cutter is to keep the blade sharp. All hydraulic shears have grindable blades that allow you to keep them sharp and ready to cut. The fact is that blunt hydraulic blades wont cut, but crush the object. The second most important thing for any hydraulic machine is to keep the moving parts well lubed with industrial lubricants. Scissors that aren't properly lubed can loose thousands of pounds of cutting power.


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